Tuesday, September 14, 2010 5:58 AM
1week 0f w0rking days:( n0 time t0 spend 0ut with friends:( sad....

Friday, September 10, 2010 5:53 PM
Has been a l0ng time didn't update my bl0g...... hahahaha..... Nth t0 p0st ab0ut my life....... Hahahahaha........ H0pefully tmr w0nt rain c0s i'm g0ing picnic!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 7:39 PM
Ytd play mahj0ng with classmate at my hse... After mahj0ng did nth until nitex time angie call me and chit chat f0r 2hrs... Hahahaha..... T0day didn't went 0ut with friends but i went 0ut with my dad t0 bugis bai bai..... After that pei him g0 eat c0s he's hungry.... I guess wr0ngly f0r my br0 give me bdae parent... Sianz:( they want t0 wait until my bdae then pass it t0 me... What they buy f0r me? Can any1 tell me? haha.

Saturday, June 19, 2010 2:27 PM
Ytd went 0ut with friends plan t0 g0 cycling at ecp but it l00ks like g0ing t0 rain s00000 we change t0 g0 kb0x sing.. Hahahaha.... G0 t0 marine square kb0x sing c0s my erge w0rking 0ver there s000 he can give us cheap prices.. Wahahaha. Thanks al0t t0 my erge fr0m $40++ he help us until each pers0n $22.4o.. Hahahaha.... L0ve my erge al0t!!! Hahahaha.. Be4 g0 sing went t0 f00d c0urt eat and the f00d damn fucking disgusting... Wahahaha.. J0anne keep c0mplaining c0s the pasta t00 0ily and mashed p0tat0 very salty and mushr00m s0up a bit s0ur. Wahahahaha... s0000000000 funny... After that wait until 1opm t0 g0 sing! Ytd we like crazy w0man like that c0s we keep sh0uting c0s very c0ld inside!!!!!!! Hahahaha.... T0day did nth g0ing t0 stay at h0me and tmr g0ing 0ut with family f0r father day.... But w0rst thing is 0nly me and my dad plus my relative my mum and br0 didn't g0. What a sad thing..... I want t0 have family 0uting als0 d0n have.. Sianz.. S0metime i see ppl have family gathering every sun i will feel a bit sad c0s fr0m pri4 0r 5 d0n have family 0uting le..... Sianz ar!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 9:29 AM
T0day didn't g0 anywhere. g0 help my mum w0rk f0r 3hrs and back h0me and rest... I'm having c0ugh and running n0se sianz... Think few m0re days need t0 g0 see a d0c le. Wahahahaha.... I'M B0RED STAYING AT H0ME! Lucky tmr g0ing t0 visit my grandma at SengKang. Wahahaha..... And fri g0ing ECP cycling!!!! Sat n0 plan, sun g0ing 0ut with my c0usin eat dinner f0r father's day.

Monday, June 14, 2010 5:00 PM
Time t0 update my bl0g:) Ytd went 0ut t0 celebrate agnes bdae at kallang. Had lunch at bed0k l0ng j0hn after that surprise her cake at l0ng j0hn lucky my friend w0rking at there then they help me keep.... Wahahahaha..... After that we sab0 her..... D0n say 0ut what we did t0 her later she shy. Wahahahaha.... After that head d0wn t0 kallang leisure watch karate kids.. Take train t0 stadium be4 tap card 0ut we give her present t0t she will cry but she didn't n0t fun de.... Wahahahaha..... After that g0 t0 the mall and they br0ught sth c0s we need t0 wait until 6.5opm f0r the m0vie start.. After m0vie went t0 esplanade t0 slack and take pic. Wahahahaha... Me and j0anne r crazy c0py s0me1 take pic... Wahahaha.... But i l00k very idi0t and nerb in 1pic... Hahahaha... After that head d0wn t0 85market eat supper and clara and agnes left.... Hahahaha.. Enj0y my day with them and i h0pe we can be like this 4eva.... W0nt l0st c0ntact with 0ne and 0ther:) Wahahahaha...... After supper take f00d f0r my erge eat c0s he haven eat and t00k cab h0me with h0ngan..... Reach h0me bath all this and my erge talk t0 me... He t0ld me that they have br0ught my bdae present and is fucking early but he d0n want tell me what they br0ught he keep asking me t0 guess and he say is very ex..... Each pers0n paid al0t f0r my present!!!!! But they want t0 wait until my bdae then pass t0 me but i s0000 excited t0 kn0w what they giving me!!!! Hahahahaha....... Stupid dage and my c0usin d0n want t0 give me n0w c0s want t0 surprise me 0n my actual bdae.... Stupid erge t0ld me and they ask him n0t t0 tell me.... Assh0le!!!!! Let me feel s0000 excited!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha.. I'm l00king f0rward 0n july27:) Wahahahahaha......

Saturday, May 29, 2010 3:03 PM
Went t0 cut hair ytd and that auntie cut my hair until very sh0rt. Hate it! D0n kn0w why my parents like my hair, i hate it al0t l0r..... T0day wake up early in the m0rning g0 help my mum w0rk and earn $35. Wahahaha.. I want w0rk i want earn m0ney!!!!!!